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Workshops & Professional Development

Explore a variety of professional development opportunities for educators . Through creative and  transformational learning experiences teachers, school leaders, and other types of educators will explore experiential learning that engages mind, body, and heart. You will learn traditional mindfulness methods, such as breath, sound and physical sensations to enhance creativity and well-being and explore ways to integrate mindfulness based expressive arts practices. You will also develop emotional awareness and personal insight through reflective practices and cultivate the ability to accept what is, letting go of outcomes and releasing judgment. If you are an educator passionate about making a difference I look forward to sharing mindful and creative experiences with you to  strengthen your curriculum and teaching pedagogy.

Both mindfulness and visual art cultivate “present moment” awareness of the breath, the body, thoughts, emotions, and creative impulse. Learn mindfulness techniques and immerse yourself in moments of creative presence as you engage with mixed-media processes to spark creative self-expression and personal discovery. All of the techniques are accessible to the beginner but rich enough to challenge artists of every level. Calming mindful practices will deepen self-reflection and enhance creativity using color, texture and sensorial gestures and marks to create personal imagery to promote well-being. Explore simple and foundational mindfulness practices and a variety of creative processes to bring mindfulness into your own life.

In-Person Workshops

In-person workshops offer an immersive, hands-on creative experience, combining mindfulness principles with expressive arts. Participants will learn practical and creative techniques to discover calm and balance to support the development of a more creative mindset. Through a combination of guided meditations and artistic expression, our workshops provide an opportunity to explore the power of mindful creativity and tools for integrating creative mindfulness into your classroom curriculum with confidence.


The Mindful Studio:
Cultivating Creativity and Well-Being

Online-professional-development-mindfulness-expressive-arts and how to use them to foster a sens

Virtual Workshops

Online professional development focus on the benefits of mindfulness and expressive arts and how to use them to foster a sense of well-being and emotional intelligence in your life and the lives of your students. Our goal is to provide educators with the tools they need to be successful in the classroom and to help them create an environment of acceptance and understanding. Our workshops are tailored to meet the specific needs of each school district, giving them the skills they need to create a positive learning experience for their students.

Self-Paced Professional Development Online Workshops

Coming Soon through Davis Publications!

Self-paced modules offer professional development for teachers in the areas of mindfulness and

expressive arts. Online modules are designed to give teachers the confidence and knowledge to integrate mindfulness and expressive arts into their classroom. Each module will provide an opportunity to explore the power of mindfulness and expressive arts to nurture a peaceful and creative classroom environment; a place where students to explore their emotions and strengthen creativity.

Assistant Superintendent

Soulful, spiritual, connecting, authentic and useful-what more could I ask for? Thank you immensely. You helped
me connect with what
I love about teaching.

N. Bradley

Education Coordinator

Handmade in America

Jane comes prepared with examples, handouts, enthusiasm, experience,
and knowledge.

Principal, Elementary School

Inspirational! I will use
the meditation technique at the beginning of
faculty meetings.
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